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My name is Anne Geldfeld, I’m 25, I undertaking a Master in Marketing Digital &
e-Business and expect to graduate in December 2014.


After my secondary study in Brussels where I was graduated in 2007, I made the « Plan Marshall » it’s a language year.
So I decided to spear my year in two and to do the first 4 months and half at ALCC in New York City, United States and the second 4 months and half at Consmolingua in Antwerp, Belgium. During a year where I meet a lot of persons of different countries and cultures, I decided to start my bachelor studies.


In September 2008, I started my bachelor in Marketing at EPHEC, in Brussels.
Every first year, there is the product simulation where my group and I won, then the second year we arrived at the second place of the Communication Challenge for Pairi Daïza. The third year I decided to take a specialization in Purchasing and Logistic.
In June 2012 I had my Bachelor in Marketing.


In October 2012, I decide to take a Master in Communication & Advertising at INSEEC, Paris. On October 2013, I continued with a second Master in Marketing Digital & e-Business at INSEEC.

About Me

I previously held an internship at KR Media based in Paris who belongs to
 WPP GroupWhile there, I worked in international department as International Media Assistant for the client LVMH, I was in charge of competitive analysis, requests of ad-hoc customers, analysis of competitors benchmarks and competitors case-studies, update of media panorama, encoding of the press and other daily tasks.


I also was intern at SDB Compnay where I was an Account Executive, I assisted the Managing Director, meetings with customers and suppliers, internal check with designers and developers, checking deadlines with suppliers, monitoring of ongoing projects and realisation and budgetisation of newsletter.


Coming from a family that works in real estate, I worked as an agent in real estate in TRIBEL SPRL and CITI SA. During my work, I was prospecting properties, appointments with customers, tours of properties and also the administrative work. This allowed me to meet many people from different worlds, to have a better feeling with people.

My Experiences

I’m actually undertake a master in Digital and e-Business and hope to be graduated in December 2014.

My professionnel goals is integrate a media company where I can draw upon my experience and learn about the business and where I could be evoluate as Chef of project. I’m very invested person in order to achieve the goals.

Dynamic, serious, rigorous and flexible, these are my main character traits.


My Objectives

You can download my resume.

My Resume